D-KLiKS Productions

Who is D-KLiKS Productions? I am. My name is Keri Kraemer and I am a single mother of many talents and dreams. I created this site so that I could share all of these with the world. Yes, that means you as well.

What do I do? What are my talents?

Glad you asked! I am a freelance illustrator, Graphic Designer, and up-and-coming novelist! I am also currently studying the art of Animation, and Voice Acting.

Name: Keri Leigh Kraemer

Age: 24

Current Occupation: Office Services Clerk / Freelancer


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Check out the Illustrations tab to see what kind of art I do. Like what you see? Head over to the contact page and shoot me a message! 

Want to dive into a realm of fantasy and adventure? Check out my current W.I.P. The Ether Ring: The Fall of the Ethereal. You'll get a glimpse as to what this world is about and the characters that dwell within it. Check out the group facebook page here!