Happy Memorial Day!

Hey! Hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday weekend! I can't believe it's almost over! That 3-day weekend went quick!

As you can see (when you navigate my site), I added a portfolio page and a page for my W.I.P. novel, The Ether Ring. They are still under maintenance, however, and I hope to have them up and running soon. The Ether Ring will probably take a while though as I am also doing a lot of background work on it and hope to include much of it on the web page.

As I am focusing on my novel and website, The Worker's Guild will be taking a small break until I feel like I can add it in my work pile once again.

Anyways, gotta get going. Hope your weekend was great and I'll take to you guys later!

Bye! :D

And thanks to all those who protect and serve!

#2018 #Goals #Excitingplansunderway #LotsofPlans #TheEtherRing #TheWorkersGuild

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